Yaesu FT-DX101D HF + 50 MHz + 70 MHz Transceiver NEW


The Yaesu FT-Dx101 is also a successful mix of proven and new ideas in terms of control elements. The legendary FT-1000MP transceiver already had a VFO knob with an additional outer tuning ring. This ring is now also found at the '101' and serves easily switchable functions: Fine tuning on the main VFO, tuning on the sub VFO, VC tuning and clarifier. The large, colored touch panel is used for many other functions that can be accessed via soft keys. By tapping on the spectrum you can change the frequency directly, tapping on the frequency allows a direct frequency input, etc. The display can be adapted to the personal taste in color and representation. Yaesu is also breaking new ground when it comes to band selection. The keys are clearly arranged next to each other and the 60 and 4m bands have their own keys. Coloured LEDs above and below the band keys indicate the respective assignment of the main and sub VFOs.

The FT-DX101 is offered in two flavours:

  • FT-DX101D: 100W transmit power, without power supply, requires 13.8V, 22A
  • FT-DX101MP: 200W transmit power, incl. ext. loudspeaker, incl. 48V power supply inside the loudspeaker case
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Yaesu FT-DX101MP HF+50+70MHZ 200W


Versione 200W out

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FT-450D RTX HF+50Mhz All Mode 100W

Versione con accordatore d'antenna incluso

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Yaesu FT-991A HF/6m/2m/70cm All Mode

The new "A" version of the FT-991, which will be offered from the end of 2016 on, brings two new features:

  • Realtime spectrum display. The transceiver displays the received spectrum while listening, i.e. the receiver is not muted.
  • The waterfall diagram is now in colour. The greatly facilitates the identification dispaly of signal strength of all signals.
Yaesu FT-991A
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The Yaesu FT-991A / FT-991 is the result of a continous development of one of the most successful transceivers by Yaesu - the FT-897D. This up-to-date radio offers all features a passionate radio amateur is looking for: full 100 W transmit power on shortwave from 160 to 10m, 100 W on 6m, 50 W on VHF and UHF. Plus operation in all modes (SSB, CW, AM, FM, data modes) and including the latest digital 'System Fusion' C4FM technology.

Despite the compact size the FT-991 is easy to operate due to the easy to read 3.5" colour touch LC display. Most often needed controls are accessible through the touch panel or on the front of the transceiver, the necessity to access the menu is reduced to a minimum. And the relatively small case of the FT-991 can even accomodate an automatic antenna tuner, which tunes antennas from 16.5 to 150 Ω, sufficient for most not perfectly matched antennas.

Like all recent transceivers the FT-991 uses up-to-date DSP technology. This ensures a perfect receiver with freely adjustable filter widths, selectable notch filters and adjustable noise reduction. On the transmit side a parametric microphone equaliser can be used for outstanding modulation. A voice memory keyer is provided as well. The well known Yaesu features for comfortable telegraphy operation like zero beat tuning or a contest keyer are of course included as well.

Fans of digital modes will find an USB interface integrated into the FT-991. This interfaces provides an external sound card and a serial CAT interface to your computer. Just install the drivers and a software for digital modes and you are on the air with modes like PSK31, RTTY, Whisper, SSTV and much more.

Be prepared for the digital future! Yaesu includes the latest 'System Fusion' technology in the FT-991 transceiver (VHF/UHF only). This enables you to use the System Fusion DR-1XE repeaters with the digital C4FM modulation. This 'C4FM' modulation offers benefits like a good legibility, high compression rates and variable bandwith usage. This enables you to transmit serial data in parallel to the digital voice data (the full rate data mode is not suported by this radio).

Yaesu FT-1200 HF/6m All Mode 100W


The FT-DX1200 is another transceiver in the successful FT-DX series. As a smaller model of the FT DX3000D the FT-DX1200 benefit from its features. Also in this transceiver DSP and fast antenna tuner was included.

Yaesu FT-1200
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Also in the FT-DX1200, the new TFT display is again so that you can see the bandscope and all settings of the transceiver with one view. The extensive menu is very easy to use because of the size of the display and the navigation through this very simple. All menu items are displayed clearly and using the navigation key right next to the diplay are also sub-items for the basic setting easy to reach.

In contrast to the FT-DX3000D, the FT-DX1200 has no 2nd Frequencie Display.The entire right front side represents controls and the VFO knob available and so allows for a stress-free handling.

For Digital modes FT-DX1200 is well prepared. Directly on the TFT display can even encode and decode RTTY and PSK31 signals. Even CW can be read directly on the display with the optional FFT-1 unit. Over the various sockets on the back, the transceiver is ready to go to work with a computer and a soundcard interface.

Option FFT-1
The FFT-1 is an optional board for installation the trensceiver. The FFT-1 enables the following additional functions::

  • RTTY and PSK31 Decoder, display received text on the LC display
  • CW Decoder, display received text on the LC display
  • CW Auto Zero, automatic tuning on zero beat in CW
Yaesu FT-3000D HF/6m All Mode 100W


The FT-DX3000D is the latest 100 W shortwave station transceiver from Yaesu in the row of the upper class. Proven technologies such as DSP and fast antenna tuner was also included in this unit.

Yaesu FT-3000
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Furthermore the FT-DX3000D benefited from the eperience with the top modell transceivers FT-DX5000 and FT-DX9000. This transceiver will not only with his look the center of your table.

For the first time in this class at the Yaesu now a TFT diplay is built in on which you have in addition to the band assignment, all the transceiver settings in mind. In addition of this, is beside the display a separate frequency display. The large TFT display has a very good readability from different angles. The high contrast makes viewing a pleasure.

Besides the visual changes, inside this transceiver, special emphasis was put on the best performance. Also new is the direct USB connection, so that external hardware can be quickly connected to the transceiver. Firmware updates can be played so directly with a USB cable without additional adapters into the transceiver.

You are a friend of digital modes?
With the FTDX-3000D you can start using the USB connection immediately! You do not need any sound card interface, this transceiver has all required already on board. In addition to the audio (in / out) on this port can also be keyed the PTT (PTT button and FSK). The already known serial port can also be found on this transceiver in the form of the known 9-pin RS-232 connector again. Thus, an operation of the FT-DX3000D on the computer is no limit.

The receiver:
You know the problem with strong stations close to the own frequency? Yaesu has in the FT-DX3000D installed as standard two roofing filters. In addition to the 3 kHz filter for SSB operation, was also intended for the ambitious CW fan and for that they integrate a narrow filter with 600Hz. Optionally, you can install a 300Hz filter (not included).
3 antenna inputs of which one can be configured for receive only (not in operation on that input possible), leave nothing to be desired.
The known 32-bit IF DSP was also included in this transceiver. By simply pressing a button the IF shift will set the passband to narrower settings. Of course, the very useful features such as IF filtering Notch and DNR have also been incorporated here.

The Transceiver:
The FT DX3000D offers full 100 W output power at a 13.8 V power supply with a power consumption of max. 23A. The built-in speech processor in combination with the built-in equalizer also provides in SSB mode for a clear and precise modulation, which is not so easily ignored. The use of stand microphones with optional equalizer is no longer necessary.

Yaesu FT-DX5000 LTD senza SM-5000 HF/6m All Mode 200W


Aside from the FT-DX9000 the FT-DX5000 is the flag ship of Yaesu shortwave transceivers. An excellent main receiver, working as a double superhet with 9MHz 1. IF is complemented with an independent second receiver (triple superhet, 40MHz 1.IF). This concept is perfect for the demanding DX chaser or contester, whether at home or in a DX location. The main receiver achieves top values, for example a non-blocking dynamic range of up to 112 dB, with a 3rd order IP of 40dB. These superb values are also independently verified by Sherwood Engineering Inc. (USA), who list the FT-DX5000 at the top position in their receiver list.

Yaesu arrives at such excellent receiver values by using numerous roofing filters. The FT-DX5000 includes the following roofing filters: 600Hz, 3, 6 and 15 kHz. The model FT-Dx5000MP has a further 300Hz filter installed, which can be retrofitted to other models as well.

The FT-DX5000 is supplied with a built-in 230V AC power supply, operation with 13.8V is not possible. The power supply has enough 'juice' for the MOSFET finals, which run on 48V with a very good linearity. The max. output power of all FT-DX5000 models is 200 W (75 W in class A operation).

Yaesu FT-DX5000 LTD
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Yaesu FT-DX9000D

Un'ottima miscela di funzioni tradizionali e ultima tecnologia - la nuova ammiraglia della Yaesu FT-DX9000D ha tutto.


Yaesu FT-DX9000D
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L'FT-DX9000D utilizza due ricevitori indipendenti (tripla conversione superhet) offrendo le migliori possibilità per i cacciatori di rari DX. Un'alta sensibilità (2μV SSB @2.4 kHz) ed eccellente selettività sono standard della Yaesu. Il transceiver copre tutte le bande radioamatoriali dai 160 ai 6m, il ricevitore copre da 30 kHz a 60MHz.

Il filtro preselettore di nuova progettazione "μ-Tune" copre dai 160 ai 20m e continua la ben nota tradizione del filtro VRF delle prime radio Yaesu. Fornisce un filtraggio molto stretto e l'ottimizzazione del primo stadio del filtro HF.

Tre selezionabili roofing filters (3, 6 e 15 kHz di larghezza) lavorano sul primo livello di IF e sono vitali nel fornire una eccellente gamma dinamica di blocco. Utilizzando l'ultimissima tecnologia 32-Bit DSP al livello di IF non è necessario acquistare costosi filtri al cristallo. Non vi dovete impegnare su funzioni provate e testate sui filtri - Yaesu estende la tradizione dei filtri di contorno conosciuta fin dai primi ricetrasmettitori, dando ai filtri DSP un aspetto quasi analogico.

Un sintetizzatore DDS di nuova progettazione a 400MHz lavora nel cuore dell'FT-DX9000D, con il risultato di una superiore riduzione del rumore di fase e un ricetrasmettitore molto silenzioso.

Il trasmettitore offre 200 solidi watt in uscita, l'amplificatore finale ha una distorsione molto bassa offrendo operazioni in Classe A o Classe AB. L'accordatore entrocontenuto consente l'uso di varie antenne, il range d'accordo và da 16,7 a 150Ω (160-10m)

Un'altra caratteristica della Yaesu è quella di mantenere ricetrasmettitori così complessi ancora facilmente utilizzabili. Sotto il tradizionale display della frequenza l'FT-DX9000D offre un display da 6.8" a colori con una risoluzione di 800 x 480 pixel. Oltre alle informazioni principali dello stato lo schermo offre alcune funzioni le quali aiutano l'utente nelle sue operazioni giornaliere. Alcune funzioni sono: informazioni sullo stato, Audio display (Spettro o waterfall), HF spectrum, un log book, mappa mondiale con grey-line, orologio mondiale, mappa puntamento e controllo diretto dei rotori (rotori Yaesu). Tutti i settaggi individuali sono memorizzati nella CF memory card.

Due grandi S-Meters analogici per i due ricevitori forniscono informazioni vitali con un'occhiata


Accessori inclusi: cavo AC, CF card 64MB, FH-2 Remote Keypad, vari connettori