HAL-1200 MKII Transistor KW-PA 160-6mt, 1200 Watt

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This KW Transistor-PA is 'as light as a feather'. The HAL-1200 produces 1200 W PEP from 10-75 input power (45 W typ.) on 160-10m and at least 600 W PEP on 6m.

The device is processor-controlled and therefore has all the abilities this technology offers: the processor provides automatic band switching, transmitter/receiver switching without power to conserve relais contacts, controls the input attenuators (ALC is not needed) and monitors all operating states of the PA, of course.

The LC-display with background light shows operating states of the PA (Ready, Standby, On Air, Protect, Warning) as well as input and output power, SWR, temperature and so on. The firmware of the processor can be updated for future add-ons, such as an automatic antenna tuner that is planned.

The PA provides seven automatically switched, 5-pin output filters. The PA transistors are run with 50V and therefore very linear. The far range power supply for 100-260V~ is built-in.

This compact PA (260x330x150mm) weights with power supply only about 9 Kg, which also makes it predestined for DXepidtions.

The new version 'MkII' of the HAL-1200 amplifier has been improved in some details. For example the cooling system could be improved while lowering the noise level. Some design details have been changed to give the amp a fresher look, and internally some minor changes were introduced. The overall characteristics and operating procedures have notchanged in comparision to the previous version.

HAL-1200 MKII: Transistor KW-PA 160-6m, 1200 Watt
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